About the new rymmr.com…

Over the years, I’ve used rymmr.com for various purposes, which in the end distorted its original purpose – to provide a repository of original resources for youth leaders, workers and youth ministry members. As my role in ministry evolved, the site changed to include couples ministry as well as many of my own viewpoints. This led to a site without a clear identity.

As of December 2016, the site is returning to the original intent. All of my “blog” posts are now being ported to my personal site ronfaciane.com, which will be live soon. These posts will be archived for the most part at that site although some of those past posts will be featured from time to time.

This site will now be dedicated to growing in its resources. I have hundreds of lessons, sermon outlines and teaching tools that will be posted in small chunks over time. Hopefully this will be helpful.

2016 has been a difficult year and not much has been accomplished with my blogging or resource development. I hope to re-dedicate my efforts in 2017 and stay focused.

If you’ve followed this site in the past, I apologize for the lack of new material. Please stay tuned as new developments occur.

… Ron


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